The 5,125 year cycle is over and it is time for the end of the world. How it will happen no one really knows but my personal belief is that the doll’s of the world will rise and start to feed on our flesh. So before that happens and we find ourself riding around in Max Max style cars with guns it might be a good idea to prepare for it. This is my list of thing to do before the Twiggy dolls with knife hands rip us apart.

12 Make 12 games
Create twelve games before it is to late.

24 Try out 24 weapons
Need to practice so I’m ready for The Fall. I’ll try out 24 different weapons, guns, knifes, axes or whatever.

36 Visit 36 museum or art galleries.
We must save some of knowledge for the future. Time go around and collect some.

48 Get ready for the end of the World.
This is 2012 after all so lets enjoy 48 works (book/film/game) of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction.

60 Build my own game console
When the world flame out and the few remaining humans shuffle around like sheep in the dark there will be hard to repair your game console. No games is no way to live so i need to learn how to make my own game console and build 60 games, demos or other programs for it.

72 Reduce the size of my hitbox
Feels like i take up more space then i really need so lets lower it from 94 Kg to 72 Kg.

84 Play 84 Amiga games
Amiga was a real epic computer and if nothing else when the world burns you can still measure anyone by the number of Amiga games they have played. The sad part is that I’m still only at 72 so to make more friends in 2013 i aim to play 84 more games.

96 Make a L96 rifle out of Lego
When the zombies attack, and they will, i need to be able to repair my weapons and to start my weapons training lets build a L96 Rifle out of Lego.

108 Build UAV drones
In the future when zombies roam the world and we hide in our safe houses waiting for the dawn we need ways to protect our home. The optimal way is to use UAV’s the patrol the area and also to explore building at daytime so i will build four UAV’s for it. One for the ground, one for the air, one for the water and also one static weapons platform for defense.

All the UAVs should work with each other to guard and protect a box area 108 meters in size.

120 Quests in a epic computer role playing game
Computer role playing game is one of my favorite type of games so do a mod with a minimum of 120 quests to a existing role playing game :) .

132 Make a board game
When we build a new better world for the next cycle we still need to have some fun so I’ll make a board game we can play. Make it with a minimum of 132 parts (markers, cards and so on).

144 Build a simpit
No driving license here but still i need to be able to drive around. All the cops will be brain-dead zombies in 2013 anyway but i do not have time to test it all so i build a simpit at home to train with. I aim for a custom simpit with at least 144 input/output devices. Aim for DCS A10 or Black Shark.